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clock box is a casual game focusing on cross-canon relationships, physical intimacy, cravings, and shipping. applications are currently by invitation only, which you may get from a current player or through participating in our test drive meme.


Apr. 20th, 2015 09:47 pm
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one: the golden rule

Don't be a dick, please.

We trust you to be polite, ask permission and give notice for that which unavoidably effects other characters, include everyone's contributions, have believable justification for your character's psychology and actions, write in correct sentences, and remember that everyone is here to have fun. The general dos and don'ts of roleplaying (and indeed, common courtesy) are all applicable here. We encourage all players to be as inclusive as possible to create a friendly, welcoming game everyone can be proud of.

(PS: If you're new to this corner of Dreamwidth RP and our particular unstated mores and etiquette, and are worried you're breaking this rule accidentally, feel free to ask the mods for assistance.)

two: communicate well

HMDs aren't compulsory because this is a chill as fuck place, but please be aware we are all building something together and that may occasionally require constructive criticism, correction, and compromise, so please provide some way for other players to contact you.

Please ask permission before doing anything with other players' personally requested items, animals or locked locations.

If you are being harassed or bullied within the context of this game, the mods are willing to step in to mediate, but first ask yourself "does it affect me in the offline world in any way?" and "have I attempted to resolve this through clear, assertive communication?"

three: be active

Maximum two characters per player. There is no official activity check but activity can be cashed in for Activity Points to buy both IC and OOC rewards, possibly including invites. This system is optional and in beta.

Please use the drops and hiatus page when necessary as a courtesy to your mods and fellow players.

If you are continually inactive without hiatus, especially with multiple characters or very popular characters, and especially if your inactivity has been reported to be impeding fellow players such as castmates, we reserve the right to discuss more formal monthly activity requirements with you.

four: be aware of divisive subjects

This game is sex-positive and diversity-friendly.

We do not allow sex with characters under 15, plots designed to fictionalize real world current affairs, or pregnancy. "Heavy" topics such as mental illness, rape, addiction, abuse, persecution, and murder should be treated with the gravity they deserve.

Please trigger warn or content warn for non-con, dub-con, gore and guro, any sort of explicit abuse, "extreme" kinks such as bathroom play or inflation, and sexual or non-sexual violence. Please also place images of common phobias (spiders, snakes, blood, hole-clusters, zombies) either behind a cut with a warning or provide a clickable link to the picture and a warning.

If you would like the mods to add something to the above CW list, just let us know. It's a small game and your comfort is important to us.

five: contact the mods when necessary

If you have an idea for a direction you'd like the game to take or something you'd like to do, or alternately if there's some part of the game that's dissatisfactory to you, please contact the mods, we'd love to hear from you.

If you see someone with a question about the game please also direct them our way. We would much rather be inundated with lots of questions even if they're answered in our info pages than have misinformation spread, especially since the setting is both flexible and strictly maintained.

To contact us, you can PM this account, PP [ profile] clockboxmods, or email If you have a question or suggestion, please leave it on the FAQ. If you have a request for an item or place in-game, please leave it on the Requests/Rewards page.

credit: list/nav code by the clockbox mods. most images from "the room" game. comm layouts by winterfish. profile code by photosynthesis. icons by kreugan. thank you!


Apr. 20th, 2015 09:26 pm
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what is this? )

how do i join? )

who can i app? )

characters with little canon information? )

where do i post? )

what's ac like? )

why is my character here? )

drops, hiatus, or canon updates? )

my character has no desires, terrible desires, or i don't want the setting to shift to their desires, is that okay? )

how big are locations? what defines an area? )

what kind of plot is there? )

where does my character live? )

is this a sex game? do i have to write out smut? )

my character isn't a normal human! they're a -- )

i have a question that isn't answered here

Unsurprising, we in no way covered everything. Go ahead and reply to this post with your question. We'll link it, and the answer, here:

What apps and programs can we make for the devices? And other information about hacking and the OS.
Does the game have a fourth wall policy?
Do characters pick their usernames themselves?
Does the lockbox app support audio files?
Can characters change their username?
How far can characters fly in outdoor areas?
Will the Clock provide illegal drugs?
Can multiple keys to one location be bought on the AC Rewards page?
Can I use fan translations as canon?
Do I have to fill out a form before canon updating?
Does Clock Box accept mythological OCs?
Can characters who don't speak English communicate?
Does the device follow characters?
Do characters arrive fully healed of old injuries?
Does rescue ease mental malaise?
Can the one week rule be one week before acceptance rather than a week before submitting the app?
What's the status on NPCs?
Can animals move between locations?
Are involuntary arrivals cleaned as well as healed?
Can the device be broken?
Do the doors change size?
Should we contact the mods for canon updates with power changes?

If you need to contact the mods with feedback or private questions, or for any other reason, you can PM this account or PP our mod plurk, or alternately send an email to clockgods @ gmail

If you have a suggestion for the game or a future plot, feel free to also use this post! Comments are screened.

something about this makes me angry.

Them's the breaks. If you're looking for a similarly relaxed game we reccomend [community profile] eudio, or any other number of the really excellent small, interesting and unique games linked on [personal profile] app_this_plz

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Apr. 20th, 2015 09:24 pm
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Pardon our dust!

All dates are considered to be US time.


RESERVES OPEN. Next cleared on the 8th.

NEXT MOD POST: Mid-February

GAME START: November 8th, 10PM EST.
February - Valentine's Event

TEST DRIVE MEME: Currently active. Occur every three months.

ACTIVITY CHECK-IN Next Planned Feb 25-30

CR MEME: Next planned is mid Feb
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taken characters )

Please fill out the following form to be added to the list.
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Imagine a space that is both sentient and infinite, but also limited in its ability to communicate and the restrictions of its form, and you have the Clock.

Inspired by Doctor Who's TARDIS, Harry Potter's Room of Requirement, Arabian djinni stories, The Hitch-Hiker's Guide's Restaurant at the End of the Universe and The Redemption of Althalus' House at the End of the World, the Clock Box is a contained magical space with the ability to shift and change at will, procure objects from the firmament, and even alter its inhabitants.

Whether it's a magic imbued with its creator's personality or an entity in its own right is unknown, but the Clock has both an immense desire to please, a scientific curiosity about the psychology of relationships, and occasionally a ridiculous sense of humor. It responds well to deep cravings, longing, fierce emotion and heartfelt wishes, but it does also sometimes make mischief for the sake of the reaction and sometimes things get a bit lost in translation.

Physically, the Clock is an infinite series of rooms and doors, from broom closets to spaces vast enough to hold an ocean. It loops around on itself in Euclidean impossibilities and shifts confusingly. Fortunately, as it's not malicious and enjoys interaction, it tends to bring its inhabitants together rather than stranding them alone in its endless maze of wonders.


All characters will arrive in close proximity to others, whether the fellow newly arrived or established inhabitants.

There are three ways your character can arrive: accidentally, involuntary, and rescued.

accidental )

involuntary )

rescued )

AS OF OCTOBER 2016: Accepted applicants will also be assigned a random room from our database. This can be the room that the character arrives in or simply the next one they walk into. Wholly an optional feature, we're providing it as a prompt to give players an extra jumping-off point.


The Clock encourages togetherness and interaction. Unfortunately some of the ways it does this are kind of more like the desperate machinations of a fanfiction author writing their favourite pairing.

Tropes involve things like sharing a blanket or being trapped in an elevator, and it is absolutely okay to use the clock's elaborate machinations for your own purposes. Mods may occasionally post trope posts that characters can mingle in to gain new CR and get their meetcute on.


Infinite areas. The sky is basically the limit, here. We keep a sortable record of all existing locations here.

If you invent a location you'd like to describe so other people can use it, please leave a comment here. If you purchase a locked location please leave a comment here.

Keep in mind the limitations of what the box can and can't create (listed in the FAQ). All "areas" are one space. The easiest way to think about this is to assume that all doors in an area will lead to other areas at random.

In addition, if you want an empty duplicate of a specific location to appear from a character's world or another canon, you'll need to request it using the activity rewards system.

If you make major changes to a location that others would notice, especially permenant or destructive changes, it might be wise to post to the OOC community and/or reply to the location comment on the Settings page with details.


The Clock is curious about social psychology and thrives on interaction, which is why it encourages characters together. It will always make choices intended to encourage interaction, so if characters want to start a community and take on specific roles it's probable that it will help rather than hinder.

As an example, if a character's desire to set up a shop producing a specific item (say, bread) is quite high, then the Clock might provide them the materials to help them do so, and may be more reluctant to just procure said item from the ether for others.

Players can request items to start a business or institution using the activity rewards system. If you invent a business or your character starts making themselves available in a specific capacity of work, please leave a comment here.

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Applications are currently OPEN.

You may apply for up to two characters per month, with a total character limit of two.

In order to make sure no one canon dominates the game, we currently have a cap of 20 characters from the same franchise.

If you are applying for an Original Character, please read our page on that here and apply using the OC application provided there.

Please make sure to familiarize yourself with the setting, rules and faq before applying. Ensure your character is not already on the Taken list, fill out all sections of the application in an unlocked post, and reply with either a link or the complete app in a single comment.

AS OF OCTOBER 2016: Accepted applicants will also be assigned a random room from our database. This can be the room that the character arrives in or simply the next one they walk into. Wholly an optional feature, we're providing it as a prompt to give players an extra jumping-off point.

the application )

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This game currently runs on an invite system. An invite from a current player is necessary to reserve and/or apply. With one invite you may reserve up to two characters until the end of the next application period.

Reserves state your intention to app a specific character during the next application period, which can be useful for other people considering the game, and for the mods who will need to be familiar with your canon to review your app. It also means we will hold off our decision on any unreserved applications for that character until the app period is closed. A reserve is not a guarantee of acceptance, and it isn't necessary to apply.

To reserve, please leave a comment with the following form.

If you are inviting someone, please leave a comment with the following form.

Former players can reapp without an invite for the next two rounds after leaving the game, but are not listed below. Invitations are temporarily unlimited for current players as of August 2016.

AS OF OCTOBER 2016 WE HAVE A MOD INVITE SYSTEM: Players who accumulate 10 comments on the Test Drive Meme may PM the mods with proofs to receive an invitation to the game. Simply send your name and your links to the relevant threads.


active invites )

list of reserves )

nav )
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Your character can choose to go home if they're able to find their way back to the right door, so dropped characters are considered to have returned to their worlds (or maybe wandered off into someone else's).

drop form )


If you can't make a check-in, or you just want a place to let people know you can't get to tags, take a hiatus. Hiatusing characters could be on autopilot, lost in a strange land, or simply returning home for a canon update.

hiatus form )
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Generally we trust player discretion, but if you want something to show up in the game whether in your app inventory or through Clock whimsy, and you're not sure if it's allowed, this is the place you ask!

further guidelines )

If you have a plot suggestion setting question, or have created an app for Lockbox, you should use the FAQ page or private mod contact options.


Because currently the activity requirements are just a monthly check in, we want to provide a reward for people who continue to play in our game. As such, RP threads can be "cashed in" for CP (Check Points) on our Activity Check In posts, which can then be spent here.
check points )

This system is currently optional and in beta. Due to the amount of work required point calculation and responses to requests may take time, thank you for your patience.
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In January of 2016 a whopping 85% of the playerbase voted to allow original characters into the game. As such, this page was created. It contains all of the additional information, rules, and app standards for OCs, so if you don't currently play one you have our permission to skip the reading.

so you want to app an OC to clock box! )


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